AL 4 to 2 part 2

The Bronx Bombers Bombed!

By Peter Schiller

Once again, the highest payroll in baseball is eliminated in the first round! If I was Brian Cashman, and I was concerned with winning in the postseason, I would let A-Rod walk. His HR in game 4 of the ALDS was his first RBI in the post season as a member of the Yankees! For that matter, any team looking to sign him to bolster their chances of winning in the postseason should forget about it! Getting them to the postseason, now that’s something that he can accomplish. He had another banner year, probably his best, but his postseason play continues to be non-existent.

The Yankees, as a team, hit only .228 to the Indian’s .315, their OBP was .300 to the Indian’s .417, slugging was .404 to Cleveland’s .524. They did; however, out homer Cleveland 7 to 6, but then again, Cleveland held the edge in total bases 75 to the Yankee’s 55 (which actually isn’t shabby).

While Cano shined hitting .333 with 2 HR’s, 3 RBI’s & 12 total bases, the next best hitter was Damon at .278 with 2 HR’s, 5 RBI’s & 11 total bases.

Cleveland, in the other dugout, had 5 starters hit over .300 in the series. Peralta (.467), deadline acquisition & returning Indian Kenny Lofton (.375), Sizemore (.375), Garko (.364) & Victor Martinez (.353). Honorable mentions: the Cleveland bench with Michaels going 1 for 1 (double), Shoppach going 2 for 3 (2 doubles) & Nixon going 2 for 4 with a double and a HR. Add to this, the pitching duo of Sabathia (the Cy Young candidate got hit around a bit by NY, but still got the Win) & Carmona (who gave up only 1 run in 9 IP) with a supporting cast of Westbrook (who did not fare well at all against NY) & Byrd (game 4’s winner).

Stay tuned for my next blog where I will give you my take on the NLCS match-up!

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