Pete’s Rose

Pete's RoseBy Mishael Schiller

The Colorado Rockies are in the World Series?!

The Colorado Rockies? They need to change their name to the Colorado Boulders! How would you like to be the Red Sox or Indians clawing it out in the American League while Todd Helton & Co. have the next 8 days to cool their heels and celebrate? It’s like wearing yourself out battling Orcs, only to turn around to face a huge (and well rested) Cave Troll (see Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings)! At the start of the playoffs-in my opinion-whoever made it to the World Series from the American League would take the series. The ALCS was supposed to be the preview of the WS, determining in advance this year’s winner of the fall classic. But these Rockies have made a statement against that. Look at their winning streak, the contribution across the board, the fierce hunger! Can anything stop them? I’m not giving up on Cleveland or Boston just yet, but there’s something going on in Colorado that can’t be ignored. Look out Goliath! David’s loading his sling again, and he’s got an entire week to choose his weapons!

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