ALCS Reader Shout Outs

Baseball Reflections Interactive:

Leading up to game 6 of this ALCS, let’s hear your thoughts as to who should be playing in this game & who should be sitting & why…


For the Red Sox in game 6:


Who should be playing CF? Coco Crisp or the rookie spark plug Jacoby Ellsbury?


Who should be playing SS? Julio Lugo or Alex Cora?


For the Indians in game 6:


Who should be playing RF Franklin Gutierrez or Trot Nixon?


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  1. Mishael Schiller

    October 19, 2007 at 3:26 pm

    What does Francona have to lose by starting Ellsbury on Saturday night? It gives Jacoby big-game playoff experience to have under his belt, if nothing else. It gives the lineup a huge emotional boost, since next to nothing has been done by the Sox after Varitek’s spot.

    Alex Cora doesn’t really seem to me to be a huge advantage vs. Lugo. Lugo’s defensive play has been fine, so putting Cora in now might break up the infield’s chemistry. I say make the one change with Ellsbury and leave in Lugo.

    For the Indians, making the change to Nixon would be a good psychological edge against the Sox. He’ll bring a reaction when he comes to the plate every time from players and fans alike. Gutierrez has had just the one big hit in the series, which didn’t really affect the outcome of the game. But, he certainly hasn’t played badly enough to justify missing a start. This would just be a mental curve to throw at the Sox, but just having Trot on the bench and able to come into the game could also have the same impact.

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