2007 World Series match-ups by position

Colorado Rockies v. Boston Red Sox

Catcher: Yorvit Torrealba v. Jason Varitek Edge: Sox Varitek is Boston’s invaluable captain.

First: Todd Helton v. Kevin Youkilis Edge: Sox Youk has been hot in the playoffs; Helton has not

Second: Kazou Matsui v. Dustin Pedroia Edge: Rox Slight edge for SB & more power & production

Third: Garrett Atkins v. Mike Lowell Edge: Sox Lowell: great October; Atkins: under .200 post season

Shortstop: Troy Tulowitzki v. Julio Lugo Edge: Rox Troy is literally head & shoulders above Lugo

Left Field: Matt Holliday v. Manny Ramirez Edge: Sox Slight edge due to a higher average & slugging

Center Field: Wily Tavares v. Jacoby Ellsbury Edge: Pick Although Ellsbury’s numbers are a bit better, he still only has a few months of major league experience

Right Field: Brad Hawpe v. J.D. Drew Edge: Pick Even though Drew seems to be playing more to his potential the last 2 games with 6 RBI’s. . . still a close one

DH: Ryan Spilborghs v. David Ortiz Edge: Sox David Ortiz in October, need I say more?!

Bench: (various) Edge: Rox No contest. The Sox don’t use their bench enough for this to even be a factor

SP1: Jeff Francis v. Josh Beckett Edge: Sox Beckett is coming off an MVP performance in the ALCS & has been absolutely dominant this month!

SP2: Ubaldo Jimenez v. Curt Schilling Edge: Sox Schilling has the edge in experience & a 10-2 playoff record to boot

SP3: Josh Fogg v. Daisuke Matsuzaka Edge: Rox Hands down, Josh Fogg! He is 2-0 with a 1.13 ERA & WHIP in the month of October

SP4: Aaron Cook v. Jon Lester Edge: Pick Neither has started this month, but at least Lester has pitched in October. Cook has not pitched since August 10th.

Bullpen: (various) Edge: Rox As a team (including the starters) in October they have a 2.08 ERA.

Set-up Man: Brian Fuentes v. Hideki Okajima Edge: Sox Okajima’s October ERA is 0.00. Fuentes’ is 4.50

Closer: Manny Corpas v. Jonathan Papelbon Edge: Sox Papelbon is a dominant closer & one of baseball’s best. Not many can top him right now. He can even dance!

I think that the 8 days off will be a factor in this series as will Boston’s experience & Colorado’s lack of experience.

Bottom Line: Red Sox in 5 maybe 6

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