What to expect this off season from Baseball Reflections …

In no particular order…

  • I will be analyzing all 30 teams
    •  Position by position analysis
    • What hole do they need to address before the 2008 season
  • Weekly Fantasy Analysis
    •  By position players 2-9
    • Then by Starters
    • Then by Relievers
    • Then by Closers
  • Weekly Answers to a selected reader’s question (if any)
  • Weekly post of Pete’s Perspective on a given baseball topic such as, but not limited to:
    •  Pitch counts
    • QuesTec: Automated machines that call balls & strikesü The save ruleü Use of the bullpen & specialistsü DH vs. pitchers hittingü Etc.
  • Hot Stove Baseball: BIG or significant Free Agent signings

Sections may be added or subtracted as necessary, but this is how I envision this off season for www.BaseballReflections.com

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