2007 Baseball Winter Meetings

Pete’s Perspective

By Peter Schiller

Pete’s Winter Meeting Predictions

  • Johan Santana will no longer be a member of the Twins
  • Coco Crisp will either be tagged as the starting centerfielder for the Red Sox in 2008 or he will be on another team
  • Someone will show interest in closers Keith Foulke and Eric Gagne (possibly the Brewers, Giants or Braves)
  • We will be closer to knowing who is serious about obtaining CF Aaron Rowand
  • Billy Beane of the A’s will either make a move or set the groundworks for one, but it may not include Blanton or Haren just yet.

Questions that will go unanswered

  • Were will Miggy Cabrera be playing in 2008?
  • Where will AL Comeback Player of the Year, Carlos Pena be playing in 2008?
  • Will player’s names be on the Mitchell Report?

Teams that Need to (or should) be active this week

  • LA Dodgers: 3B, CF, SP – Torre & his staff can NOT be the only off season acquisition!
  • Brewers: Closer and bullpen help to go along with a veteran pressence in the clubhouse
  • Rays: 1B
  • Phillies: SP, 3B, CF
  • Braves: Closer, CF, SP
  • Yankees: SP, RP, 1B
  • Orioles: Closer, RP
  • Reds: SP
  • Pirates: Anyone of quality!

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