Roger Clemens and The Mitchell Report

Last week, Baseball Musings wrote about the timeline found in the Mitchell Report (See pages 167-176) on 300 game winner, Roger Clemens entitled, “Clemens 1998”.

This does not help Roger’s denial case that he’s trying to build up. Now I’m not saying that he’s lying, but I do remember when he left Boston as a free agent after the 1996 season. I remember it now because he stated his reason for leaving was that he wanted to be closer to his home in Texas. I thought that was an honorable ambition at the time. Then a few months later he signs with Toronto, which if I’m correct, is actually further away from Texas than Boston! Then he leaves Toronto after two years and signs with the Yankees and plays there for five years before finally doing what he said he would do upon leaving Boston and signed with the Houston Astros prior to the 2004 season. He played two full years there, then returned for a third in which he only pitched for 2/3 of 2006 season with Houston. The following year he left one more time to go to the Bronx for another 2/3 of a season this past year.

Baseball Musings, two days after writing Clemens 1998”, wrote about “Pettitte’s Admission” stating, “Pettitte makes the trainer look like a reliable source. That hurts Clemens case. Why would he tell the truth about Pettitte but lie about Clemens?” 

The bottom line is that the only pitcher to ever accomplish two 20K games (pre-steroid allegation) has not built up the reputation that would lend us, baseball fans, to believe him. Then take into account his age and the numbers mentioned in Clemens 1998”. With all that being said, I think that he, like Bonds, had accumulated Hall of Fame numbers prior to their alleged steroid use. That fact only makes them both look much more greedy which is unfortunate for baseball! Money, for some people, is truly the root of all evil.  


  1. Danielle Schiller

    December 26, 2007 at 2:54 am

    As a longtime Roger Clemens fan, I do have to admit I am a bit ashamed to say that I still love the man with the recent steroid use allegations. However, his best years in my eyes pre date those allegations and I think it is more of a shame for current major league players to say his Cy Young Award accomplishments should be taken away from him if found guilty! Roger Clemens is and always will be the best MLB pitcher in this fans eyes (steroid use or no steroid use)!!! I certainly hope and pray that if he did take any steroids in his past that he will someday confess and move forward with his life and his professional baseball career. I do feel sorry for all of the young kids ( and even fellow MLB players for that matter) out there who look up to him if these allegations are found to be true and he is denying them.

    I do not know if he did or he did not use steroids. The only man that knows is Clemens himself. In the past, he may have been seen as being somewhat of a greedy ball player by going to play for Toronto when he left the Sox after stating his wish was to be closer to his home in Texas. This fan is not denying that one bit. But, let’s be honest here! There aren’t many professional players (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA or what have you) that actually play the game just for the love of the game so to speak! For those that actually do I have great respect for them. But, you have to see it this way: It’s a business and this business is all about money whether we agree or disagree, like it or hate it! I don’t think any professional athlete is playing for free and I don’t think they would ever do so if they weren’t getting paid at all. I can’t say I agree with players getting the bucks they get for the jobs they do but it is entertainment and it is a business. We all work to get paychecks to provide for ourselves and families. If you asked me right now if I would take a position at my current job for the same amount of money and be closer to home (which is in Boston) or take this position with a substantial salary increase further away from my home and family, I would have choose the higher salary. Life is all about risks! It’s all about survival! Money does play a major role but a person has to look out for themselves and their future first and foremost. Sometimes they have to go out on a limb for better opportunities! Whether it be for money or for personal growth. Call me greedy if you want. I think we all have a little greediness in us all at times.

    In closing, I support Clemens 100%. It does not mean I agree or disagree with his denial of steroid use. If he made a mistake, then c’mon, let’s give the guy a break! What is done is done, right? But, the most important thing we can do right now is give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he did take steroids in his past but maybe he did not. Everyone handles situations differently. Sometimes it is a lot harder for us to confess our wrongs to ourselves let alone the world. My plea as a diehard Clemens fan to all is to give this guy a chance. It’s as simple as that. He is human. Humans make mistakes. And if he DID make a mistake and take the steroids, please give the guy a break. Only time will tell and until that day, I think this man deserves a little respect and courtesy! As human beings, I honestly think we all deserve that!!!

  2. pete schiller sr

    December 26, 2007 at 10:03 pm

    after reading that statement from my daughter about clemens i would have to agree with her.

  3. Charlie

    September 21, 2009 at 12:09 am

    Hi there,
    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

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