Fantasy Baseball Analysis: 2B

My # 1 choice for the top Fantasy Second Baseman for the 2008 season has to be Brandon Phillips of the Reds over Chase Utley of the Phillies due in part to the huge edge in SBs that Phillips provides. What also plays into the mix here is that Utley was hurt towards the end of 2007 before coming back from the broken hand he suffered. That being said, Phillips still managed to beat Utley by almost 25 points and I don’t think that Utley could have caught up to Phillips even if he didn’t get hurt.

                The next two players on my list are almost interchangeable. One hits for a lower average, but his power numbers are much higher; while the other stole 50 bases in 2007. They are Dan Uggla (still) of the Marlins and Brian Roberts, for the moment, still a member of the Orioles.

                Rounding out the top 10 at this position, would be B.J. Upton of the Rays, Robinson Cano of the Yankees, Ian Kinsler of the Rangers, Placido Polanco of the Tigers, Mark Ellis of the A’s, Aaron Hill of Toronto and Kelly Johnson of the Braves. You might be saying, but that’s 11 and you’d be correct! I felt the necessity of adding Johnson to this list because after him there is a drop off. Of these 7 players, Upton makes the most sense due to his availability in the OF.

Possible Sleepers

Orlando Hudson of the Diamondbacks, 2007 AL Rookie of the Year Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox, Brendan Harris now a member of the Twins, Ty Wigginton now a member of the Astros and Yunel Escobar who will be Atlanta’s everyday SS after they traded Renteria.

**For questions concerning other options at 2B, please leave a comment below & I’ll address those questions at the bottom of this post.**

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