Fantasy Baseball Analysis: 3B

The # 1 overall pick in this year’s Fantasy draft, if he can be had, ought to be Third Baseman of the NY Yankees, A-Rod! His 2007 numbers speak for themselves. Just don’t reply on those type of number in every category in 2008.

After A-Rod there’s a drop off down to number two at this position an that nod goes to the MetsDavid Wright. How many third basemen can steal you over 20 bases and hit 30 or more HRs while knocking in over 100 RBIs? Only two!

After these two is another drop off by my numbers. Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera, Atlanta’s Chipper Jones and the Brewer’s Ryan Braun (even though he may be in LF in 2008) are all picks for the # 3-5 slots.Just beneath the top 5 we have Adrian Beltre of the Mariners, the Red Sox’s Mike Lowell, Garrett Atkins of the Rox and the National’s Ryan Zimmerman. Any one of these men are solid selections.

Just a note on Lowell, he usually has a good first half then declines in the second offensively. I say usually because that didn’t happen last year and I traded his in one league knowing that history. I almost got burned, but I had a decent starter and Lowell was an equal reserve at 3B.

In the 10th spot we have Aramis Ramirez of the Cubs who was just a notch below the last 4 guys mentioned in 2007, but I would bet on a better 2008 for A-Ram!

**For questions and analysis beyond these top 10 Third Basemen, feel free to either e-mail me or use the comment section! I’ll try to answer those questions ASAP!**

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  1. Nathan

    February 4, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    What do you make of NL MVP Jimmy Rollins’ prediction that the Phils will win 100 games this year? Clearly Santana and the Mets will make that a little bit challenging.

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