Boston & Oakland Tied for the Best Record in Baseball!

The A’s (1-1) beat Boston (1-1) today in the Tokyo Dome in Japan by a score of 5-1 behind a great outing by oft-injured SP Rich Harden. This is the reason why the A’s were able to trade away Dan Haren. They are counting on Harden staying healthy, because if he can, he’s got # 1 starter type stuff and together with Blanton, could keep them out of the basement of the AL West! 

The Boston bats were subdued by Harden (1-0 with 9Ks in 6 innings), Casilla, Foulke and Embry with the single exception of a 6th inning HR by non other than Manny Ramirez (LF). 

For Boston, the bullpen efforts of Aardsma, Lopez and Delcarmen were all solid only allowing 2 hits without allowing a run in a combined 3 innings of relief.  

Offensively for the A’s, the highlights came from a 3-run HR from Emil Brown in the 3rd inning off of Boston starter Jon Lester (0-1). 

Now back to our regularly scheduled Spring Training games!

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