MLB Announcers & me

Has anyone else out there have this happen to them? I’m watching a game and during play, I make a comment o r two about the situation, strategy, etc. only to find my comments being said by the TV announcers; almost word for word. My wife thinks it uncanny, because this isn’t an occurance that happens only once in a blue moon. It actually happens quite frequently. It doesn’t matter if it’s the local guys or national broadcasters like those on ESPN (Buck, McCarver, Morgan, etc.). Maybe it’s because I have a bad habit of watching a game as if I’m managing it. I’ll say something like, with first base open, this hitter should never be pitched to in a close game or I’ll mention a fact about a player and how he tends to fare in the current situation he’s in and like I said, the commentators seem so usually agree with me. Like I said, sometimes it freaks my wife out and she asks me how I do that. My answer is usually the same…I don’t know, I just say what I believe should be done in the given situation and they just confirmed it for me. J It’s kind of gratifying in a weird kind of way. I use to say, maybe I’ll get to use this knowledge someday, but never really thought much about it (most of the time). That is, until I considered blogging, which was after a print reporter friend of the family said that I should look for some freelance work in the baseball field seeing that I have this knowledge. Hence, the creation of Baseball Reflections. 

            If this happens to you too, please post a comment & let me know. 

Just a few more days until the rest of the games begin! I can almost smell the grass mixed in with the combined sent of popcorn, hot dogs and beer! That’s enough to put a smile on my face and I don’t even drink beer. J have a great weekend everyone! Next week, the real fun begins! I’ll see you there.

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