The Author Who Cursed Tom Gordon

If I were the Phillies, I would call up Stephen King and ask him to write about some other ballplayer. Tom Gordon has been more or less “cursed” since King wrote the book, “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” (1999). Maybe if he writes about someone else, the bad luck that has been brought on Gordon will be released, sort of like an exorcist of sorts. Or, maybe Gordon, at 40 years old, is just not up to the task, physically, to pitch in the role he currently finds himself in with the Phillies as their interim closer. He does, if I remember, have a tear somewhere in his pitching arm or should that was found just last year. 

Sox fans are now praying that King does NOT take me up on this idea just for Gordon’s sake and they most definitely do not want him to write about the girl who loved Jonathan Papelbon! 

*editor’s note: I do not believe in curses (the curse of the Bambino, the curse of the goat in Chicago, etc.). But it does make for some interesting blog fodder.*

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