MLB Monopoly

Since the beginning of the 2007 season you can no longer listen to games online via your local radio station. Instead, you have to have an MLB GameDayAudio account, but the radio is still FREE. I just can’t get radio stations at work when games are played during the day in the early stages of baseball in April.

Now you can watch games right on your computer, but like TV, you have blackout areas. With a televised game, if it is sold out you were not blacked out from viewing the ballgame, but via MLBtv, all of your home teams games are blacked out, viewable only on a delayed online telecast.

The beauty of it is for those satellite fans who now call home somewhere else. They can watch their former home team without any worry about the MLB blackout policy. Another positive feature is a mosaic viewing mode where you can watch 6 games on one screen. In this mode, instead of one full screen, you get 6 pictures inside of that same space. For you Fantasy Baseball fanatics out there, it even has the ability for you to enter in your “favorite” players and when they are on a screen, a sound is heard, alerting you to their presence on one of the 6 mini-screens.

If it wasn’t for that nagging blackout policy, I’d sign up for this right away, even though I’m still upset about MLB taking away the radio station’s rights to carry games that they are already broadcasting on their station’s websites as well.

If by chance, I am mistaken over this policy and the blackout rules are the same as on TV, then sign me up! My home team sells out even when they’re not doing so well! 

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