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I have decided that if my readers are to read any other blogs IN ADDITION to Baseball Reflections then I should at least point you in the direction of some of my favorites on a weekly basis. So without further ado, here we go!

One of my favorite bloggers is Geoff Young over at Ducksnorts and until recently, over at Knuckle Curve, too. More on what Geoff is up to these days can be seen below, as to who is taking over for him at Knuckle Curve.

Stephen Kersey took over Knuckle Curve on Monday (14th) after original blogger/creator Geoff Young went full-time over at Baseball Digest Daily.

Check Geoff out at BDD here: . For more from Geoff you can also check out the following links at The Hardball Times (THT) where Geoff has an ongoing blog as well as his personal Padres blog Ducksnorts.

You can check out what Steve has to say about KC starter Zack Greinke and his battle/illness that kept him out of baseball in 2006 here:

And, if you’re into Baseball Annuals, check out Geoff’s at Lulu here , it’s his second annual issue.  

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