Baseball Links Exchange

This week’s link exchange will be on blogger billfer (Bill Ferris) of Detroit Tigers Weblog which Bill started back in 2001. His was the first Detroit Tigers blog and he’s proud of it! And, he should be, it’s a darn good blog.

You can also find Bill writing at his other site Baseblogging, which is a great resource for professional baseball (or any other sport) blogging.

You can also find Bill writing about current Braves starter Jair Jurrjens.Throughout 2008 Bill can be heard on Friday mornings on sports talk station WDFN talking Tigers with host Sean Baligian.

So, if you’re a Tiger’s fan, reading Bill’s Detroit Tigers Weblog is a MUST! If you’re not a Tiger’s fan, it’s still a darn good read, but don’t forget to read his other two sites as well!

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