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Team Focus: The Florida Marlins


They are in First Place in the NL East right now so I thought this was the perfect time to do a shout out to them. Congratulations guys! It will be fun to see if this young team can hold it together like the D’Backs did last year.

The only two sites I know of for good Marlins coverage are Fish@Bat, whom I conducted this interview with shortly after this off season’s big trade, back on February 5th. Thanks again, Ohad!

The following is taken right from their About Us page. On November 22, 2001, “The Florida Marlins Ticket” posted what appeared to be its  last post. After years of being one of the leading Marlins sites, we retired the site so we can focus on other aspects of our lives. We had many great years together working with the Florida Marlins and the online community to deliver you the latest in Marlins news. Who can forget the reviews from ESPN, The Sporting News, USA Today and more? Or how we overloaded an entire hosting network when Edgar Renteria hit a single in Game 7 of the 1997 World Series. It was tough to move on.

But now, we’re back!

Yes, we have a new name Fish@Bat (, new look, and new features. But in general, we’re still the same. We will continue with our blog-style posting (yes, we “blogged” more than a decade ago) and we will continue to discuss and report on the Marlins. We hope that you can help contribute to this site with any tips or suggestions.

The other site is called FishStripes which is in association with SB Nation, a sports blog networking community of, by and for fans (their wording, not mine). Unfortunately, they do not have an about us page that I know of, but Craig does a good job with this site.

If anyone know of any other Florida Marlins blogs, please let me know and I’ll try to add them to this list.

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