Who’s Staying & Who’s Not?!

Who will remain in 1st Place and how long will they last?

AL East

Currently in first place is the Tampa Bay Rays. Although I think they are the real deal, this is too strong of a division for them to remain in 1st place by the All Star break. Likewise, I don’t envision the Yankees staying under .500 or staying in last place. The Rays will be above .500 and probably be in 3rd place behind the Yankees and the Red Sox.

AL Central

This one is a hard one, if the Sox pitching stays on top of it’s game, then they have a good chance of taking first place, but they’ll need their bats, too. The opposite holds true for the Tigers, who are not out of this race in my opinion. They’re just way too talented offensively. But in reality, it’s anyone’s division, everyone, that is, except the Royals.

AL West

This race is almost over as I do not see the A’s sticking around for the long haul and Seattle doesn’t seem to have enough hitting to overtake the Angels. As far as Texas goes, most of their offense rests on the shoulders of the ultimate comeback kid, Josh Hamilton, and if he is hurt even half as much as he was in 2007, that will hurt the Ranger’s chances.

NL East

It’s a nice story, but I don’t see the Marlins outlasting the Phillies, Braves or Mets in this division. However, I will change my mind and give them the nod over the Nationals. The big three will come down to whoever is playing the best ball down the stretch both offensively and with their pitching.

NL Central

Lou might just lead the Cubs to the division title this year, but I don’t see them going deep into the playoffs as of right now. St. Louis will drop, at some point, like a rock due to all of the injuries to the pitching staff as guys start coming down to earth again. The fate of the Brewers rests upon either Gagne starting to pitch like Gagne once again or they find a more reliable closer. Houston is an interesting choice here, it will be fun to see how they fare as the season progresses. The Reds might suffer the same fate as the Brewers due to their own woes with their new closer and the Pirates will once again remain in last place.

NL West

The Diamondbacks might just go the whole year in first place unless Torre can muster up some magic with the Dodgers in the second half. Although SF has good young pitching outside of Zito, they are anemic in the hitting department and can not even last in the middle of this division once the Padres and Rockies right their ships. And they both will! The Rockies offense is just too good and the Padres just need to start hitting (and they will) and they also need both Peavy & Young back from the DL.

2008 American League - Standings           2008 National League - Standings        
Tampa Bay 32 21 .604 -   Florida 30 22 .577 -
Boston 32 24 .571 1.5   Philadelphia 31 24 .564 0.5
Toronto 29 26 .527 4   Atlanta 28 25 .528 2.5
Baltimore 26 26 .500 5.5   NY Mets 25 26 .490 4.5
NY Yankees 26 27 .491 6   Washington 23 31 .426 8
Chicago Sox 29 23 .558 -   Chicago Cubs 32 21 .604 -
Minnesota 27 25 .519 2   St. Louis 31 23 .574 1.5
Cleveland 24 29 .453 5.5   Houston 30 24 .556 2.5
Detroit 22 31 .415 7.5   Milwaukee 26 27 .491 6
Kansas City 21 32 .396 8.5   Cincinnati 25 28 .472 7
WEST W L PCT GB   Pittsburgh 24 28 .462 7.5
LA Angels 32 23 .582 -   WEST W L PCT GB
Oakland 29 24 .547 2   Arizona 30 23 .566 -
Texas 27 28 .491 5   LA Dodgers 26 26 .500 3.5
Seattle 20 34 .370 11.5   San Francisco 22 31 .415 8
            Colorado 20 33 .377 10
            San Diego 20 34 .370 10.5

One Comment

  1. Dan

    May 30, 2008 at 9:26 am

    I’ve got a completely different outlook on the rest of the season. Tampa won’t fall too far behind the Red Sox; they’ve played admirably (1.11 runs scored for every 1 run allowed) against the 6th-toughest schedule in the majors.

    Exactly right on the White Sox – they’re kicking butt and taking names. But I bet Cleveland is the only other team to finish the season .500 or over.

    I really do think the Athletics will win the division. They have a better run ratio (1.175 runs scored to every 1 allowed) than the Angels (1.038) and have scored better against a tougher schedule. Oakland wins the West by about 4 games.

    I think Florida can take #3 in the NL East, but no higher. Atlanta and Philadelphia are the ones to watch – and those two have been trading successes pretty evenly for the past month. Right now, Philly wins by a game.

    The Central is a bit of a mystery, but I think the final order will be Chicago, St. Louis, Houston, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, then Milwaukee. As poor as the Cards were at season’s beginning, they are showing a peculiar propensity towards winning when I least expect it.

    Arizona wins the West by 10 games. Enough said.

    Bonus wild card picks: Tampa Bay and Atlanta.

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