MLB’s Week 10 Hottest Hitters

#1 this week is brought to you by Milton Bradley. Not the board game company, but the Texas Ranger’s DH who hit 6 HRs this week with 14 runs scored while knocking in 12 RBIs, swiping 4 bases and hitting .464 with an OBP of .615

That was more than 10 points better than the next big hitter from last week, Joe Crede from the White Sox whom they tried to trade in the off season. He also had 12 RBIs while hitting 5 HRs and batting .478, but I don’t expect Crede to hit even half of this on a regular basis or even again for that matter.

The next two spots on this list come from Boston. Ever since last October, that J.D. Drew signing has started to look better and better as opposed to the bust most people thought it was as recently as last August. He’s the only other player on this list with double digit Runs and RBIs while smacking 4 HRs, swiping a bag and hitting over .500 with an OBP of .600

The other is no surprise as it’s the recent hitter of his 500th HR, Manny Ramirez and if he can stop hitting his teammates in the dugout, we would be even more happy with this past week’s performance at  the plate.

Another Ramirez, Hanley of the Marlins, sits next on our list this week. He also hit 5 HRs with 2 stolen bases, but unlike Crede, we have become accustomed to him having weeks like this and would NOT be surprised if he has another one (or more) like it again this year.

Rounding off the back 5 of this list are Jose Guillen of KC, Ryan Garko of the Indians, the White Sox Nick Swisher, Jose Reyes of the Mets and as a bookend to Milton Bradley’s performance, Michael Young also of the Rangers. You can see their stats from this past week below.

Player Team Pos R HR RBI SB Avg OB% Total
Milton Bradley TEX DH 14 6 12 4 .464 .615 37.079
Joe Crede CWS 3B 9 5 12 0 .478 .538 27.016
J.D. Drew BOS OF 10 4 10 1 .519 .600 26.119
Manny Ramirez BOS OF 8 4 12 0 .423 .516 24.939
Hanley Ramirez FLA SS 9 5 8 2 .333 .421 24.754
Jose Guillen KC OF 5 4 11 1 .400 .419 21.819
Ryan Garko CLE 1B 8 1 10 0 .438 .486 19.924
Nick Swisher CWS OF 10 2 7 0 .345 .345 19.690
Jose Reyes NYM SS 8 1 4 6 .294 .368 19.662
Michael Young TEX SS 9 1 7 1 .464 .483 18.947


  1. Stan Whyte

    June 9, 2008 at 11:22 pm

    Its really surprising that Milton Bradley is having such a great season this year. I say that because he has such a terrible track record with clubhouse incidents, suspensions and other negative behavior that no professional athlete should take part in. He’s always been talented but has never put it all together until this year. So good for him!

    Nice use of the table to display the stats.

  2. Stan Whyte

    June 9, 2008 at 11:38 pm

    Hey Pete I was trying find your email address on the site and I couldn’t find it. I wanted to contact you about linking to your site from our blog at and seeing if you could possibly do the same with one of your upcoming posts. If you could contact me at it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Stan

  3. Peter

    June 10, 2008 at 8:11 am

    Hey Stan,

    If you read my posts from the main page, at the end of every post you’ll see a list of community icons and right beneath those you should see a link that reads “E-mail the Author”, but thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ll have to make a link to contact me more accessible.


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