Thoughts on the State of the Game: Pt. 3


          Editor’s note: I have broken this up into a three part series by Bill Jordan

Can I Get a Replay? 

Granted this has been a terrible month for home run calls. Carlos Delgado and Alex Rodriguez have reasons to be upset, but when are people going to realize that baseball is not going to just throw instant replay in during the middle of the season.It seems every time something like this happens someone like Joe Morgan says, “This is why I’m an advocate for instant replay.” People have to realize that baseball is not just going to throw instant replay in because people are complaining. They have a plan in place to use it in the Arizona Fall League and the World Baseball Classic.

Instant replay is coming; baseball just has to get the kinks out to figure out what would be best for the game.

Enjoy these complaints while they last because once it starts, the same people who are advocates are going to be complaining about whatever system is concocted.

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