Morneau Wins Derby, But Hamilton Steals the Spotlight

Josh Hamilton

Last night was “not a good night for atheists” R.Reilly ESPN

At the end of Monday night’s 2008 All Star Home Run Derby, Twins 1B Justin Morneau won the title, but Texas CF Josh Hamilton, a born-again Christian, won the hearts of thousands with his heroic first round performance. His climb to the major leagues is a storybook ending, fraught with stumbling blocks that caused him to miss 3 years of playing time due to his addictions (drugs and alcohol abuse). His 35 HRs, which included a first round  record breaking performance of hitting 28 Home Runs, travelled over 2.3 miles as he averaged over 440 feet per HR. He has a number of ball that were his over 500 feet and there was talk of him becoming the first to have ever hit one out of famed Yankee Stadium. His first half numbers are just as amazing as his journey to the majors, 21 HRs and 95 RBIs to go along with a .310 batting average and .367 OBP.

For more of a back story on Hamilton’s past demons and tribulations, click HERE. In this article, you will also find further links to give you a glance into the journey of Josh Hamilton from being drafted to playing in the big leagues. I highly encourage you to read every article, it’s a great story of overcoming addiction and adversity. His faith played a huge role in getting him to the big leagues and he doesn’t often miss an opportunity to give praise to God for rescuing him from his former life which he fell into.

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