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This week’s link is another one that I can’t imagine why I had not done before now. The author of this week’s selection has recently taken his blogging more seriously as he went full time with it back in January of this year. The site is MLB  Trade Rumors and the creator is Tim Dierkes. Here is the write up from his About page which was written back on January 9, 2008: is a clearinghouse for relevant, legitimate baseball rumors.  The site focuses on the hot stove – trades and free agent signings.  Rumors typically come from established journalists, and always include a link to the source material.  All 30 teams are covered.  MLBTR is written and maintained by Tim Dierkes.  Tim can be reached at

MLBTR has new material 365 days a year, and attempts to post all rumors with analysis as soon as they are available.  The site was created as a hobby in November of 2005, and has grown virally. now receives over 100,000 pageviews per day.  The peak day – 736,000 pageviews –  was December 4th, 2007, the second day of baseball’s Winter Meetings.  MLBTR also has an RSS feed with over 9,000 subscribers and a Facebook page with over 3,200 fans. has been praised by ESPN’s Peter Gammons, The Boston Herald’s Rob Bradford, WGN Radio’s Dave Kaplan, Baseball Prospectus’ Will Carroll, the North County Times’ Eric Breier, and other popular media figures.  The site is a favorite of baseball writers and fans of all ages. is not affiliated with Major League Baseball, MLB, or addition, here’s more about Tim:Tim Dierkes is the writer and creator of  Baseball’s premiere hot stove website receives over 100,000 pageviews per day; read more about it at About

Tim worked in the search engine marketing field before taking the website full-time in January of 2008.  He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a business administration major in 2004.  Tim originally met his lovely wife Agnes on campus.  He currently lives with her in Roselle, Illinois.  Tim is a lifelong Cubs fan, but swears it does not affect his objectivity on

Tim has done many radio interviews, including WGN Chicago, MLB Home Plate on XM, Baseball Prospectus Radio, WLW Cincinnati, and more.  Tim also runs a daily fantasy baseball website at  He can be reached at

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