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Manny Ramirez
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OK, so here’s where I let my true colors shine for just a bit. The Red Sox had to trade Manny Ramirez because his attitude was finally beginning to be too much of a burden to carry for the 2008 Boston Red Sox. I don’t care if it was all his idea, his new agent Scott Boras or some other outside influence, but his 2008 on and off field behavior was getting even more out of control than before. Here are the most egregious acts that have been made public:

Smacking teammate Kevin Youkilis in the dugout while a game is being played, whether it was validated or not is not the issue, you just don’t do it in a public setting if at all!

Shoving to the ground, traveling team secretary, 64-year old Jack McCormick after telling Ramirez that his last minute request “may” not be possible (16 tickets on the day of a game in Houston).

Then there were  interviews with ESPNDesportes since the All Star break where Ramirez took pot shots at management, calling them two-faced (for lack of a better term). Team president John Henry responded to this allegation stating that he was personally offended by the comments. To which Manny then said that he’d wave his no-trade clause to pitch in Iraq if it was the only way to get out of his contract with Boston.

Then comes the three team trade that accommodated the future Hall of Fame hitter in getting him out of Boston to LA, who agreed not to exercise the team option or offer Ramirez arbitration for 2009 or beyond (he wants a new contract and nothing else). Boston also had to send both OF Brandon Moss and RP Craig Hansen to the Pirates (the Dodgers also had to send 3B Andy LaRoche and a minor league pitcher to them). Boston then received LF Jason Bay.

Editor’s note: In my opinion, the Red Sox were not getting anyone in trade for Ramirez that would have been comparable to Ramirez unless they got 1B Albert Pujos from St. Louis or someone of his caliber, which was NOT going to happen given Manny’s demands on the team he would go to.

Given these facts, the Red Sox did a good job in even finding someone to take Ramirez for the remaining 2008 season, let alone get someone of Jason Bay’s ability in return. This year, at the time of the trade, Bay had 2 more HRs, 3 or 4 fewer RBIs and a lower batting average, but he was an improvement on the bases (7 SBs) and in the field with a lot more hustle and a better attitude. He has also hit in a home ballpark (PNC Park) that is not favorable to right handed hitters. It’s only 325 down the line, but straight away LF is 389, left-center is 410 then down to 399 in CF, which is the equivalent of RF in Boston’s Fenway Park (302 down the RF line, 380 in straight away RF, etc.). He averaged about 20+ HRs/year with 85+ RBIs and a .285 batting average and an OBP around .350ish. If Fenway is good to him, he may hit 30 HRs with 100 RBIs and hit .290 or better.

Player Tm Pos G R HR RBI SB Avg OB%
RAMIREZ, MANNY BOS OF 100 66 20 68 1 .299 .398
BAY, JASON PIT OF 106 72 22 64 7 .282 .375


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