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This week’s link exchange is for a blog entitled, Squawking Baseball: Wall Street Analysis of Major League Baseball’s Player Market. I have to admit that I don’t get to this site as often as I’d like and it’s not your average, run of the mill Baseball blog either. The subtitle is a clear sign to that fact. This site shows us more of the business side of the game we all love.

Here’s the inside info on Squawking Baseball from their About page:

We (Squawking Baseball) are baseball people first and foremost. Despite tender ages (mostly early to mid-20s), everyone on our staff has experience in a Major League front office, as well as outside businesses. Some of us also happen to be Wall Street junkies, consistently beating the stock market by staying ahead of the curve. What we hope to create with this blog is an outlet for us, and others, to look at the market for baseball talent with the same kind of thoughtful, diligent outlook.

– The Squawking Baseball Team

I have to admit, what some might think is boring when thinking of this concept, I think it’s intriguing. I guess that’s the geek in me. No offense guys, this is also the term used for many people in the Sabermetric society who evaluate talent with a laptop. J To some of us, this might be some sort of term of endearment (of sorts).

By the way, if anyone from Squawking Baseball reads this, please add me to your blogroll, you guys are awesome!

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