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This week’s edition of Baseball Links Exchange is on which is an authorized baseball blog of the Baseball Digest Daily which is a part of and the Fantasy Players Network.

I came across on Facebook through the site’s founder/writer Mike Lynch.

The following write up is from the Seamhead’s About Us page.

Mike Lynch has been a baseball fan since he was old enough to hold a bat and ball (actually I have pictures of myself before I was old enough to hold a bat and ball, but my dad supported my arms, so it looked like my then infantile arms could handle the load). He was born in the heart of Red Sox nation in the year of Yastrzemski and has been a die hard Red Sox fan ever since. He lives in Portland, Oregon and has been writing for web sites since 1999, has been published by The Oregonian newspaper, has been a member of SABR since 2004, and will have his first book, Harry Frazee, Ban Johnson and the Feud That Nearly Destroyed the American League, published by McFarland Publishing in 2008.

If you click on the About Us link, you will find out that there is a long list of writers for Seamheads in addition to Mike and he is currently seeking even more writers.

Go check ‘em out! Enjoy!

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