Bottom of the 3rd

RF Gabe Gross leads off the Rays third inning. Beckett’s fastball is a few mph slower than usual, but he’s pitching well as Gross strikesout looking. 1 out.

SS Jason Bartlett is clipped by a pitch. Bartlett didn’t even attempt to get out of the way. He barely moved.

2B Iwamura, who struckout in the first. The Rays have not been thrown out yet in this post season (16 for 16). There’s that annoying 9 foot graphic again. Ugh! Until this at bat, Beckett has been throwing strikes, but started off this at bat 3-0 before he got his first strike. He then pops up to 2B. 2 outs.

The post season’s Babe Ruthish BJ Upton, who needs one more post season HR to tie Barry Bonds record for most post season HRs is up next and starts off 0-2 before missing outside. 1-2 Beckett is throwing his breaking balls over well for strikes so far, but he can’t afford to make a mistake with Upton or he can hurt you. Upton taps it back to Beckett, who throws to 1B for the 3rd out.

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