Bottom of the 4th Inning

Former Sox 1B and Northeastern University graduate from Haverhill, MA, Carlos Pena pops up to 3B Kevin Youkilis for the first out of the inning.

3B Evan Longoria flied out to CF. 2 outs.

LF Crawford is 0-5 after going 5 for 5 in a previous game in this series. On Beckett’s 54th pitch of the game, Crawford practically threw the bat at the ball for a bloop hit into LF.

DH Floyd is up with Crawford on first. Beckett had picked off Crawford from 1B back in game 2. But Crawford wasn’t looking and I seriously doubt that wil happen again in this series. Crawford, after getting a good jump, steals 2B. Floyd hits a shot to first that Kotsay barely catches and dishes off to Beckett for the last out!

Sweet play by Kotsay…

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