Rays Half of the 6th Inning

Okajima is now pitching for the Red Sox. The Red Sox are leading 4-2

CF B.J. Upton and he lines out to 3B Youkilis. 1 out.

1B Pena, whos is hitting .350 with 3 HRs and 6 RBIs in this series is now up with 1 out. Full count. It was a late call, but Pena strikes out looking. 2 outs.

3B Longoria is 0-2 tonight and is hitting .125 in his last 6 at bats. He walks. It’s the second walk issued by Boston in this game. 1 on and 2 outs.

LF Crawford is up with a 0-2 count. He grounds out to SS who tosses to 2B for the force out of Longoria. 3 outs.

Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon is now starting to stretch out in his pre warm-up routine.

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