Red Sox Half of the 6th Inning

Ben Zobrist stays in the game playing RF for the Rays!

1B Kotsay leads off for the Sox. What an amazing leaping stab by 2B Iwamura with that alligator glove of his! Wow! What a play! He has definately adjusted to his move to 2B as his whole career, even in Japan, he was a third baseman. 1 out.

SS Lowrie struck out for out number 2.

C Varitek is up with 2 outs and hammers a 2-0 pitch into the RF seats! Red Sox are back in front 3-2. It’s only his 2nd hit of this series and his 11th post season HR of his career.

Manny Ramirez leads in this category with 27 post season HRs in his career.

CF Crisp hits a pitch off of the foot of Rays pitcher James Shields and reaches for a single.

Shields is now lifted for a RP J.P. Howell who gave up the game winning hit to Drew in game 5.

2B Pedroia is up with Crisp on 1B. Howell and Pedroia have apparently played against each other in HS. Boston has 24 2-out hits in this series, or was that this post season? Crisp takes off avoiding a DP as Pedroia hits a high chopping bouncer to the SS, but Bartlett threw it away. The runners are on the corners with 2 outs! Here they go again.

All of a sudden, the defensively talented Rays are making errors in this series.

DH Ortiz is up and hits a single in front of CF Upton, scoring Crisp. Men are on first and second. 4-2 Boston.

What is it about Boston and hitting with two outs?! It’s just amazing! By the way, that my friends is an unearned run.

3B Youkilis is up and is 4 for 9 against Howell. Youkilis strikes out swinging.

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