Top of the 3rd

CF Coco Crisp leads off and is hitting .462 in the ALCS so far. Coco was a key part to the other nights second best comeback in playoff history. He had a bunt single in the first, but was picked off 1B soon after. The count is 2-2 and Crisp flies out to his counterpart in CF, Upton. 1 out.

2B Dustin Pedroia is up next. He walks and is the first walk given up by Shields. If the pressure is getting to him we will see more walks tonight.

DH David Ortiz hits a double that hugged the 1B line that Pena just couldn’t get to, but it was a great effort by Pena.

Youkilis grounds out to the SS, but Pedroia scores. Sox lead 2-1, a rare accomplishment in this series through the 5 previous games.

RF JD Drew is back up with Ortiz at 3B. He walks.

LF Jason Bay is up with runners on 1st and 3rd. The pitching coach makes a visit to the mound. A good move to keep Shields calm in this crucial situation. Nice block on a ball in the dirt by Navarro! With a full count, Bay fouls one off. Then walks on the next pitch. The bases are now loaded.

1B Mark Kotsay who previously singled is up. 3-1 and hits a shot to the deepest part of CF but Upton is there as always. 3 outs, but they made Shields work in that inning.

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