Top of the 7th as Boston Leads 4-2

RF J.D. Drew leads off and popped up for the first out.

LF Bay is hit by a pitch on the hip.

1B Kotsay is 1-3 in the game, a single in the second inning. He hits a high chopper to Howell, the pitcher and is thrown out at 1B. Bay moves onto 2B.

Howell comes out of the game with Grant Balfour coming into the game. By the way, this is not a name I’d want if I was an MLB pitcher.

SS Lowrie is up with 1 out and Bay on 2B. He is 0-3 today. He walked by Balfour.

C Varitek is now batting. There is a passed ball by Navarro and the runners advance. Full Count. Varitek pops out to shallow RF. 3 outs.

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