Top of the 8th

CF Crisp faces Balfour and has a leadoff walk.

Manager Joe Maddon, probably this year’s manager of the year has just taken out Balfour, replaced by Chad Bradford, the knuckelscrapping submarine pitcher to face 2B Pedroia.

2B Pedroia faces Bradford with Crisp on 1B without any outs. Will Crisp take off to remove the possible DP? Pedroia is 4 for 6 against Bradford and hits it off Bradford who knocked the ball down and throws out Pedroia. Crisp advances to 2B.

They are walking David Ortiz. Men on first and second with 1 out.

3B Kevin Youkilis is up. He has 2 RBIs on the night, but hits into a 5-4-3 Double Play to end the inning.

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