Werth the Wait in Philadelphia

Phillies Win Their 2nd World Series Title

The Philadelphia Phillies have won the 2008 World Series 4 games to 1 over the Tampa Bay Rays, ending their (the Rays’) Cinderella season. 48 hours after the start of Game 5, they resumed it from the bottom of the 6th tied at 2. They won the series 4 games to 1, but it was a much more exciting series than those numbers evoke. There was only 1 blowout and all of the remaining games were decided.

Game 1 in Tampa Bay: Phillies 3 Rays 2
Game 2
in Tampa Bay: Rays 4 Phillies 2

Game 3 in Philly: Phillies 5 Rays 4
Game 4
in Philly: Phillies 10 Rays 2
Game 5
in Philly: Phillies 4 Rays 3

Game 5

In the bottom of the 6th, the Phillies went ahead 3-2 on a Werth (RF) single, scoring Jenkins (PH) who had doubled to lead off the inning only to have a Rocco Baldelli (RF) HR tie it back up again in the top of the 7th. Then in the bottom of the 7th, Feliz (3B) singled home Bruntlett (LF) to go ahead 4-3 and that’s how the game ended with closer Brad Lidge closing the door in the 9th to seal the Championship and end the series.

JC Romero got the win, JP Howell the loss and Lidge got the save with more detail of the importance of that last stat a little later in this post.

2008 World Series MVP

Starting pitcher Cole Hamels who went 1-0 with a 2.77 ERA and 8 K’s in his two starts (he started game 5 Monday night) won the MVP award and a 2010 Camaro on his wife’s birthday (last night, 10/29) and said that the car will be hers.

Cole had 4 victories in this post season and almost had his 5th in game 5 if it were not for Baldelli’s 7th inning HR. 5 wins would have been a single player record for the post season!

Who else would have made a good choice as series MVP?

Philly 2008 Milestones

  1. The Phillies were 86-0 after leading through 8 innings this year
  2. Closer Brad Lidge was 48-48 in saves this year. 41-41 in the regular season and 7-7 in the playoffs with 2 of those coming in the World Series.

Phillies Franchise Milestones

  1. 126 years old
  2. over 10,000 losses
  3. 2 World Series Victories (1980 & 2008): Priceless!

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