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The Brewers have a new manager, former Oakland A’s skipper Ken Macha. To read what the Brewers blog: In-Between Hops thinks of this selection, just follow the link provided. He has a good track record from his days in Oakland, but was that just a by product of GM Billy Beane and Moneyball or a testament of Macha‘s managerial prowess? What do you think?

The Mariners have hired Jack Zduriencik as their new GM, here’s what USS Mariner has to say about their new GM. I don’t really have an opinion here except to say that I think it would have been cool if the job went to Dodgers assistant GM Ng.


The White Sox will not bring back mid-season aquisition, OF Ken Griffey Jr. He will now become a free agent. Look for Jr. to have a few more years in him especially if he stays in the AL as a DH. I think he would be a great veteran option for the Rays, an upgrade over Floyd!

The Tigers have declined the option on SS Edgar Renteria’s contract and would rather pay him $3 million rather than pay the $11 million he would have made in 2009. I don’t blame them either.

Free Agent Filing

The following players have opted for free agency on the first day of eligibility: Manny Ramirez (a Scott Boras client), Mark Teixeira (another Scott Boras client) and Ben Sheets (agent unknown).


The Florida Marlins have traded power hitting 1B Mike Jacobs to the Kansas City Royals for pitcher Leo Nunez. I think this is a good deal for the Royals. Here’s what is being said about this deal from bloggers from Royals Locker and Fish@Bat.

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