AL Gold Glove Awards: How Did We Do?

AL Gold Glove Awards

Last week, Bill announced his picks for the AL Gold Glove Awards. MLB announced the official list yesterday afternoon, lets see how he did:

Pitcher: the official winner was Yankees starter Mike Mussina (another older player as the NL choose Greg Maddux), but Bill choose the White Sox Mark Buehrle.

Catcher: the official winner and Bill’s choice were the same, the Twins Joe Mauer. This one was probably a no brainer!

First Base: the official winner was the Rays Carlos Pena,  but Bill choose Justin Morneau of the Twins . Pena was; however, Bill’s runner up for the award at this position.

Second Base: the official winner and Bill’s choice were the same, the Red Sox Dustin Pedroia. Pedroia won the 2007 Rookie of the Year award, won a World Series with the Sox last year also and is in the running, some say, for this years MVP. I doubt he’ll win that, but he will get some votes!

Third Base: the official winner was the Mariners Adrian Beltre, but Bill choose the Yankees Alex Rodriguez. Beltre was Bill’s third choice so he wasn’t that far off now was he?!

ShortStop: the official winner and Bill’s choice were the same the Rangers Michael Young. Another possible no brainer, although the White Sox Orlando Cabrera could have been in the running here to challenge Young.

Outfielders: the official winner and Bill’s choice were the same for two of the three Center fielders, the Indians Grady Sizemore and the Angels Torii Hunter, but
the third slot went to the Mariners Ichiro Suzuki and Bill choose Orioles rookie Adam Jones. Personally, I can’t believe that Ichiro wasn’t on Bill’s list, but then again, maybe this was one of those name recognition selections on both my behalf and MLB‘s or the fact that he played both RF and CF in 2008 might have been why he fell off of Bill’s list.

The only difference is Bill choose a Left and Right Fielders which is how I think the award should be awarded. As a reminder, Bill choose the Mariners Raul Ibanez (who ESPN’s Peter Gammons lists as one of the nicest people in the game on his blog recently) for LF and the Orioles Nick Markakis in RF.

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