Baseball Gets Personal

In recent discussions, the main writers of Baseball Reflections (that would be Bill and I), have agreed to let our hair down so to speak. We will start reflecting upon our hometown teams on a regular basis here on Baseball Reflections. So, Bill, a lifetime resident of Ohio, will reflect upon his Cleveland Indians and I, a lifetime resident of Massachussetts, will reflect upon my Boston Red Sox.

Our plan is not to change the theme of this blog, but rather to provide a more reflective look upon the game we both love by reflecting on the teams that sucked us into baseball to begin with. Who knows, maybe this segment will grow to the point where we have people writing a reflective piece once a month on their beloved team to the point that we cover every team, every month. Who knows?!

What this will not do, is replace the random book or movie reviews, the fantasy updates, big news stories or anything else that you, our readers have come to expect from Baseball Reflections.

Also, we will soon be changing the look of the site once again. We hope you like the new look. It will be unveiled within the coming weeks and in that time, we may need to revert back to this look if we hit a snag along the way.

As per usual, comments are not only looked forward to and appreciated, but they help promote the site, too. Fire away!

We’d love to hear from you and we may even start publishing some of the better comments right under each post.


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