This Week’s Hot Stove Red Sox Reflections


I have heard rumors that the Tigers are interested in SS Julio Lugo in exchange for either SP DontrelleD-TrainWillis or SP Nate Robertson. Theo, pull the trigger no matter which one of these guys they offer, but especially if it’s Robertson!

Are the Red Sox serious about acquiring 1B Mark Teixeira? Personally, I don’t think so!

CF Coco Crisp has been mentioned in trades with the following teams: SD Padres and the Chicago Cubs. Just don’t trade him for Padres SS K. Greene. Sure he has power out of the SS position, but at the expense of BA and OBP.

They need a young catcher. The Rangers have a few in Max Ramirez, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Taylor Teagarden (Teagarden is the preferred choice in my book) and the World Champion Phillies have a good one at AAA, too in Lou Marson.

Free Agents

Top priority: If super agent Scott Boras doesn’t price him out of the Red Sox allowable price range for a 36 year old catcher and one who’s bat is in decline, then resigning captain Jason Varitek for another few years must get done! He is invaluable to a pitching staff even though he has a below average arm. They will still need a young catcher for him to mentor along the next few years if he wants to extend his career beyond two years. This will allow him to take an additional day off during the week than the typical 1 on every 5 games and it will further advance the development of the future Sox catcher.

Starting Pitchers: Is there a possibility that Schilling is in a Red Sox uniform in 2009? Probably not, but will he play a full season or start in May, ala Clemens? Does Derek Lowe come back to end his career in Boston? I for one, will be split over this one if he comes back. Will Boston be in the CC Sabathia or AJ Burnett sweepstakes? Why not?!

Relief Pitchers: No one currently on the free agent market really excites me here.

1B: a backup who can play on a regular basis due to the uncertainty of Mike Lowell (3B) after his to hip surgery, is a necessity. This may seem strange, but the best options currently on the free agent market would be former Sox Kevin Millar and Tony Clark.

SS: I would go after Rafael Furcal, but no one else. If they don’t get Furcal, I’d just stick with Lowrie.

OF: with Kotsay (1B/OF) probably not returning (although he’d be the perfect option in Boston) in lieu of a starting job elsewhere, and the possibility of a trade involving Crisp (mentioned above), the Sox will need a 4th outfielder. Im my opinion, if he can stay healthy, Rocco Baldelli would be a great fit in Boston. If not, why not bring back Trot Nixon. Or better yet, both Nixon and Baldelli?!

UPDATE as of 11/19/08

Boston has traded OF Coco Crisp to the Royals for RP Ramon Ramirez. For more details on this trade go to to see how this right-hander addresses Boston’s need for bullpen help.

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  1. Michael Christopher

    November 18, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    Unfortunately the ‘if he can stay healthy’ for Trot Nixon and Rocco Baldelli is a HUGE if.

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