The Baseball Reflections Annual Team Analysis

This off season Bill and I will tackle the task of analyzing the needs of each team going into the 2009 season. Last year I did it all myself and I think I forgot 1 or 2 teams along the way. Plus, I went overboard with details and the task took me two days worth of my usual writing time in order to finish a lot of the teams like the Cubs, Phillies, Red Sox, Twins, Angels and Diamondbacks. With Bill’s help, we have streamlined this process this time around so for those of you with us back then, let us know your opinion on the two methods.

Bill will take his Indians and the rest of the AL Central, the NL Central due to his regional location and the AL West out of necessity. Somebody has to do it!

I, by mistake (I got carried away earlier this week), will take my Red Sox and the rest of the AL East, the NL East and the NL West. Again one of us had to do it.

Later today, Bill will kick off the AL Central with his look at the division winning Chicago White Sox and the rest will follow in the next days, weeks and months leading up to Spring Training 2009.

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