I Guess Canseco Was Right

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I usually try to stay clear of the controversial issues in baseball, but I couldn’t resist this topic. To start things off, here are some quotes from the baseball world by some past and present players.

In the MLB.com article, “A-Rod is talk of MLB after admission “, George Brett was quoted as saying, “I was crushed by the news,” Brett said on a Kansas City radio program Tuesday. “The one thing I am impressed with is he came right out and admitted it. But I don’t think that that’s going to — I mean, God, the poor guy, his career’s ruined. And for what? Just trying to compete with everybody else.”

While I can’t say that I was crushed like George Brett was, but I was surprised that only 1 in 104 names got leaked. Something is seriously wrong with that! I’m not sure his career is ruined like Brett said there, but his chances of getting into the Hall of Fame just got a whole lot more difficult to determine. He should have been a first time ballot lock, but this turn of events may have just changed all of that.

Another player had this to say from the same article, “On one hand, you don’t want to see anybody’s reputation drug through the mud,” …Lance Berkman said on Tuesday. “But the competitor in me wants to see, who are these guys that took steroids? Say what you will, but who can you trust?” Berkman continued. “If you’re a fan, why would you believe anybody? I certainly can see where fans are coming from, and I would respect them for their opinions.”

For his sake, I hope Berman isn’t one of the other 103 players on that list or else these comments look pretty ridiculous.

Also from that piece, Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt, was even more pointed with his comments. “A-Rod’s numbers shouldn’t count for anything,” Oswalt said in a phone interview with MLB.com. “I feel like he cheated me out of the game.”

Unfortunately Roy, that will probably never happen, but he may get an asterisk or two next to those stats and accomplishments.

Finally, Curt Schilling, on his blog 38 Pitches , had this to say about the situation, “I’d be all for the 104 positives being named, and the game moving on if that is at all possible. In my opinion, if you don’t do that, then the other 600-700 players are going to be guilty by association, forever.”

I’m with Curt on this one, but I’m not sure it will happen due to the fallout it might cause between the government, MLB and the

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MLBPA. I think that after the Mitchell Report, all of these names should have come out. It’s not fair that A-Rod has been singled out like this, but he put himself in this predicament in the first place by choosing to take an illegal substance whether MLB had banned it or not.

Like the title states, I guess Jose Canseco was right after all. He said in his second book about steroids in baseball that he foretold about A-Rod using steroids. I think he even claimed to give A-Rod a contact for them. Until we see more names get leaked, we here at Baseball reflections will continue to consentrate on the other aspects of the game in hope that this one resolves itself sooner rather than later.

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  1. Peter

    February 12, 2009 at 2:15 pm

    What do you all think of the recent A-Rod development?

  2. BillJordan

    February 12, 2009 at 3:47 pm

    Personally, I want to know all of the names and to me, all of the numbers for anyone who took steroids are fake. It’s really rediculous that baseball is in this position. Right now, there are only a very few players who would truly surprise me if they popped for steroids during that era. None of my favorite players from that time have popped and I do wonder how I would react if it happened. Truthfully, I think I would discredit them as well, even if it would be hard to do emotionally. I’m glad that A-Rod came out and admitted it, but that doesn’t make it right. I’m surprised that Oswalt would be that blunt, but I’m happy he was.

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  3. Spuddy72

    February 15, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    Canseco definitely claimed he avised A-Rod on where to get roids. He assumed he did them although he admitted not having knowledge. I was about to give A Rod credit for admitting but I can’t as his interview with Gammons basically told us he was sorry but he lied throughout in my opinion with the whole GNC argument and claiming he did not know what made him fail the test. He seems to be someone who would want to know eveything put into his body.

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