Did Manny Ramirez Use PED’s in 2004?

mannyramirezAccording to the Yankee‘s blog Sliding Into Home in their post earlier today; former major league ballplayer and steroid expert, Jose Canseco says Manny (Ramirez) cheated and he said he was 90% sure that Manny is on that 2004 PED-user list that leaked A-Rod’s name this spring.
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In the article, Canseco alludes to the fact that Manny didn’t get the desired long-term contract that he & his agent Scott Boras sought because teams know of this failed test from 2004. I don’t buy it! A 4 year deal for a 36 year old player in the current economic crisis is more likely the issue. Not to mention what went down in Boston last year that led to his trade to the Dodgers (which resulted in LF Jason Bay going to Boston).

For the record, Conseco admitted that he has no proof to back this allegation, but I ask you, when has he been wrong to date concerning PED use in baseball?

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