A Compilation of Baseball Reflection’s Interviews

For those of you who were not reading Baseball Reflections in the early days, or are recent patrons of the site, I have gathered a listing of all of the interviews I have done for the site over the first 18 months of our existence. They are listed in the order in which they were first posted on this site.

Back on December 15, 2007, I interviewed Sooze from BabesLoveBaseball concerning the drama that surrounded the Johan Santana situation, the Twins, and Blogging in general.Here is the link from that “Interview With a Twins Fan”.

Then on February 5, 2008, I interviewed Ohad from Fish@Bat concerning the Cabrera/Willis trade with the Tigers and how Marlin fans feel about the salary dumping by Marlin executives after each of their World Series victories. Here is the link from “An Interview With A Florida Marlins Fan”.

Then on March 18, 2008, I interviewed the then owners (a husband and wife team from the bay area) of BallHype (a social sports, networking community site). Here is the link from “Interview with the Creators & Owners of BallHype & ShowHype”.

More recently, on December 8, 2008, I polled all of the baseball bloggers I had e-mails from and I receive these 6 replies and one person even linked back to this from his own site, Sox Addict, with his own answers. Here is the link from “An Interview of Baseball Bloggers on InterLeague Play”.

The most recent one is from January 21, 2009 with current World Champion relief pitcher from the Philadelphia Phillies, Chad Durbin. In this interview, I asked Chad about his first year with Philly, his success in 2008 and his new off-field endeavor, Showcase-U, a business he co-founded which went live during the 2008 season. Here is the link from “An Interview with Chad Durbin, Phillies RP”.

As more interviews are conducted, I will update this list and repost it on another Saturday evening.

As always, comments on this and ALL posts are more than welcomed!

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