Friday Night Links

This edition of Friday Night Links will once again act as a site update for the departure and addition of writers and their sites.

First, we have recently seen the departure of The Zoner (White Sox writer) from Zoner Sports and Kurt (Tigers writer) from Mack Avenue Tigers. If you liked their work here, please continue to read them at their own sites.

Thanks to Rex at i94 Sports, his colleague there, WIK will now be filling the void left by The Zoner covering the White Sox. FYI – Rex is our current Brewers writer.

Likewise, J. Ellet Lambie from Hazaa – The J. Ellet Lambie Blog will now be our Tigers writer.

Next, from Gear Up For Sports we will see Nick Rice who will be writing on the Braves and William Kladakis who will be writing on the Reds. For a preview of their writing, please check out Gear Up For Sports on the Braves and Gear Up For Sports on the Reds.

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But that’s not all, we now have writers who seem to be ready to cover the Marlins, Padres and the A’s. If their initial inquiries stand true we will be happy to bring on board, Todd Kaufman from The Swinging Friar (and The Bleacher Report) will be covering the Padres, Nick Tasso who covers the Rays on GUFS and the Marlins at DFN (I don’t have the links yet) will take on the A’s and Andrew Robeson, who also writes for the Bleacher Report, will be covering the Marlins.

That will leave the Angels and Twins as the only teams not currently being covered here on Baseball Reflections. If you are interested in any of these two teams, please e-mail me at

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