May’s Hottest Hitters By Position

Joe Mauer
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Sorry about this, but due to the fact that I gave Nick the week off from his weekly Fantasy Focus and my vacation that I am currently on, this will be a little short.

Here are the top hitters by position for the month of May. I will also provide my personal opinion as to each player’s ability to maintain this numbers for the months to come.

C – Joe Mauer, Twins

Obviously, his BA and power numbers will come down, but he should still hit over .300 and might also attain 20 HRs this season.

1B – Mark Teixeira, Yankees

He has the ability to maintain a .330 BA if the pressure of playing in NY do not get to him, u I don’t think you’ll see many 13 HR months unless that jet stream in the new Yankee Stadium helps him out.

2B – Brandon Phillips, Reds

He was due to bounce back from the April he had, but he will not maintain this BA, but should be expected to maintain one closer to .280 and he is always  a threat to his 30 HRs, but it doesn’t look like he’ll swipe even 20 bases this year unless he goes on a tear.

3B – Evan Longoria, Rays

These numbers are not that far off for Longoria as he has the make up for a hall of fame career if he stays healthy. I expect a BA above .300, 30 or 40+ HRs and over 100 RBIs from the young thirdbasemn.

SS – Jason Bartlett, Rays

The only figures that look sustainable for this defensive minded SS is the runs and SB numbers. Everything else is 99% likely to fall down to earth.

DH – Luke Scott, Orioles

His RBI totals are right on target given the team’s makeup, but the BA and HR totals will come down a bit.

OFs – Carl Crawford, Rays; Justin Upton, D-Backs and Raul Ibanez, Phillies

Crawford can maintain these numbers except for the BA which come back down to around .310 or so. This Upton should be able to maintain all of these numbers except his BA and the HR should come down to an end result of 20+ for the year. Ibanez may not have another 10 HR month, but he should end with numbers like a .280-.300 BA with over 30 HRs and over 100 RBIs (Pat Burrell who?).

Again, my apologies for the short post! Next time I would expect an analysis like this to have looked at the player’s batting average on balls in play (BABIP) if nothing else.

Until next week…

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