The Cardinals, On The Run and the Number 6

cardsIn Cardinal Nation, we know that six is a serious number.  The local On The Run Mobile gas stations have had a promotion the past few years that, if the Cardinals scored six runs or more in a game, the next day fountain drinks, coffee, etc. was only a quarter at their stores.  This year, they’ve taken it to new heights with a commercial that, for better or for worse, has been implanted into every Cardinal fan’s subconscious.  You can watch it here and afterwards I will be looking for your big foam thumbs.

OK, now that you’ve watched it (a few times, I’m sure), let’s see just how savvy those On the Run folks are.

Below is a table of how often the Cardinals have scored six this year, whether it was at home or on the road, and whether they won or lost, plus the gap between “serious” games.

So as of June 29, the Cards had played 78 games and reached the six level in 21 of them, a 27% rate. That was brought down significantly by the two double-digit droughts in cheap refreshment, a 13-gamer at the end of May and a 10-game one at the beginning of June. Before those, it was around 41%, meaning that almost every other day you could get a cheap drink.

The Cards are 18-3 when they put up six runs, which is what you’d expect. If a team is losing a lot of 6 run games, they’ve got some serious pitching issues to address. Interestingly, though, they are 9-3 in these games on the road compared to 6-0 in Busch Stadium. Those three losses, though, came in Arizona, Chicago and Philadelphia, which have never been confused with “pitcher‘s parks. They are on a run of scoring six away from home, though, as 11 of the last 12 instances have been away from the shadow of the Arch.

I have no idea what a regular drink costs at On The Run, but I’m guessing $1.25, which means that if you’d bought a drink every time, you’d have saved yourself $21, unless, of course, you wouldn’t have bought one otherwise, in which case you’ve cost yourself $5.25.

Don’t worry, I’ll continue to keep an eye on this and I’m sure you’ll see periodic updates on this crucial part of Cardinal fandom.

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