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I recently had the privilege of asking Dodger great, Steve Garvey (1B) a few questions. I was put in contact with Mr. Garvey by Athlete Promotions.  
AthletePromotions manages the website, corporate appearances, speaking engagements and endorsement deals for 10 time All-Star, Steve Garvey.
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Baseball Reflections: What has been your most satisfying accomplishment since you stopped playing in 1987?

Steve Garvey: Raising three children (Ryan16, Olivia 15 and Sean 10). Also continuing to help others through charity and foundation work.

BR: What first basemen do you most enjoy watching in the game today?

SG: Albert Pujols in the NL and Mark Teixeira in the AL

BR: Who were your favorite & least favorite pitchers to face? Why?

SG: My favorite pitchers were all lefties and least favorite was knuckleballer Phil Niekro

BR: What, outside of baseball activity, gives you the most joy in life?

SG: Without a doubt, my family

I would like to thank Steve Garvey for his time and answers as well as Ryan at AthletePromotions for making this interview possible.

Look for more player interviews thanks to AthletePromotions periodically here at Baseball Reflections.

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