Friday Night Links

This edition of Friday Night Links introduce you to a new baseball site that has just recently launched. If you’re an NBA fan, have visited The Hoop Doctors and have enjoyed your treatment the doctors there have provided then you will be happy to know that they have multiple spinoff sites.

But, before that be aware of the soon to be released MMA site, The Cage Doctors (not yet launched).

They recently launched The Puck Doctors a few weeks ago, so if you are an NHL fan please check it out!

Now, for the announcement you were all waiting for…please check out the new baseball site in the mold of The Hoop Doctors, called The Dugout Doctors. I have been asked to be the content director and head writer. We will be looking for help filling it up so if you ever want to try your luck at writing please check out the Write for Us page and send us a line! We are looking for weekly columnists for Sabermetrics, Prospects, etc. as well as anyone looking to write on a more relaxed pace.

Tell us what you think of these new sites! Thank you!!

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