The Close of A New Season At New Stadiums

By Reed Terry

For sports enthusiasts visiting New York in October, it is definitely the best time to attend a Mets or Yankees game, especially because both these teams have moved out into brand new, high tech stadiums. As the Major League Baseball season gets ready for the post-season, the Yankkees will kick off their first playoff campaign in their new stadium (the Mets have not made the playoffs this year). With both the traditional stadiums gone, baseball fans can now look forward to enjoying games in the modern venues that feature innovative facilities for both players and spectators.

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Citi Field Of The New York Mets

Until April 2009, Shea Stadium was home to the New York Mets. However, now Shea Stadium has been replaced by Citi Field. On the inaugural day of this new venue, the Mets played an opening game against San Diego. Although this new home field of the New York Mets has a seating capacity of 41,800 it is relatively smaller than the new stadium of the New York Yankees, the lack in size has been compensated with exceptional facilities. Citi Field is located in Queens at 126th Street.

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New Venue Of The Yankees

The old Yankees stadium which dated back to 1923 was closed down recently. The current home field of the Yankees is now the new stadium which is located just a stone’s throw away from the old stadium. This new venue can hold a maximum of 52,325 spectators. This spectator capacity is actually lower than the 56,886 limit of the old venue. However, you will be glad to note that the new place includes several premium seating options like corporate suites that were not available at the old venue.

Baseball fans interested in the history of the game will surely enjoy the unique, behind-the-scenes tour available at the new Yankee Stadium. The tour includes a visit to the New York Yankees Museum and the dugout. The tour also passes along Monument Park that celebrates great baseball legends like Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth. However, the star attraction of this new stadium will probably be the hard rock cafe that will remain open all round the year regardless of any games being played or not. The cafe is also expected to be the most lucrative ventures of the stadium. This new Yankee Stadium is situated in the Bronx along East 161st Street at River Avenue just across from the old stadium.

Tickets, Accommodation And Sightseeing

To get game schedules or buy tickets, you can visit the official sites of the Mets and the Yankees. However, there is no reason for disappointment even if you fail to get hold of tickets for a Mets or Yankees game.

You can always set off to the ESPN Sports Zone at Times Square and catch all the games on the huge screen. The experience is the best alternative to actually being there.

Remember that both of the new stadiums do not offer any kind of accommodation. So if you are planning on watching a game and then staying overnight in the “city that never sleeps”, it would be best to check out some affordable hotels near the venues. And while you are here for the game, why not check out iconic structures of the city like the Empire State Building and Central Park?

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