Yankees Manager Girardi Risks Life After 27th Championship

Joe Girardi
Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

So, when interviewers asked Yankees manager Joe Girardi where he was going after managing the NY Yankees to their 27th World Series Championship, did he say he would be going to Disneyland? Maybe he did, I don’t know because being a Red Sox fan I didn’t keep the TV on long enough to find out!

But, what happened hours after the historic win has propelled my respect for Joe Girardi the man.

While driving home on the Cross County Parkway in Eastchester after hours of celebration of their latest victory Girardi risked his life to help someone in need. Here’s a snippet of the Boston Heralrd.com article, “Joe Girardi a hero when helping victim of car crash after World Series“.

In the article, the Herald uses reports from The Journal-News also quoted Sgt. Thomas McGurn as saying Girardi put himself at risk in leaving his car to dash across a busy roadway near a “notorious” blind curve.

“He could’ve gotten killed,” said McGurn, quoted from the report received by the newspaper. “Traffic goes by at 80 mph.”

Girardi felt he hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary. “Obviously, there’s a lot of joy in what we do, but we can’t forget our obligation as human beings.”

Please click the link above to read the whole Boston Herald.com story.

What we need in baseball is for stories like these to be as newsworthy as the whole steroids issue, marital disputes, et al. To bring a little balance to the face of the game we love.

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