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Continuing on our quest to assist our loyal readers with holiday shopping ideas we provide you with the previous link to baseball bats that you can choose from for the baseball player(s) in your life.

There you will find both aluminum and wood bats, baseball as well as softball bats (although you may need to go through a few pages), adult, HS and little league bats.

If you prefer a variety of names to choose from then you came to the right place. There you will find bats from Worth, DiMarini, Triton, Nike, Rawlings, Reebok, Mizuno, Easton, Louisville Slugger and more…

If you’d like to have your wooden bat purchase go towards supporting our troops, then you may want to go with iFungo’s Ordinance Bats with Stars and Stripes Logo which can also be personalized.

Or if you just want a home grown bat made here in the good ol’ USA, then please check out Akadema’s Wood Bat Series made in NJ or The Old Bat Co. made in VT and is sponsored and partially owned (I believe) by former MLB pitcher Bill “the Spaceman” Lee.

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