The Top 10 Fantasy Catchers of 2009

2009TitleOk, after playing in only four Fantasy Baseball Leagues (all on ESPN) in three years (and winning in two of those) I have decided to take over the weekly Fantasy Baseball Column here on Baseball Reflections each Friday (when possible). For example, this year in a 12 team league with a draft saw me as low as 11th early on and sixth around the fourth of July only to win with about a four point victory.

These weekly posts of mine will be based on a rotisserie format using a traditional 5×5 scoring system to keep things simple. Personally I prefer more statistics in my leagues (which is why I was the commissioner in one of my leagues), but in order to reach the most readers we will just stick with the basic. But, feel free to either e-mail me or leave a comment in this post if you have specific questions. If I don’t reply to the comment, then ping me in an e-mail, too!

We will go around the horn in this series after skipping the pitcher’s position.

And remember, just because a player had a good fantasy season in 2009, it doesn’t mean he will have another one in 2010 and beyond. Sometimes you need to look into the player’s past and see if he is showing signs of decline over a few years.

Please Note: The 5×5 stats listed below are as follows in this order Runs/HR/RBI/SB/Ave

10 — Yadier Molina (26) Cardinals

Nothing on this line (45/6/54/9/.293) jumps out at me except for his 9 stolen bases (for a catcher) and his .293 batting average. What makes him a special catcher is his cannon of an arm and a dedication to the lost art of being a defensive catcher in all categories, but that won’t help his fantasy value. He’s still a valuable catcher these past few years with most catchers inability to hit for average anymore.

9 — Mike Napoli (27) Angels

The biggest attraction for Napoli owners was his 20 bombs while in a part time role and his ability to maintain a decent average (60/20/56/3/.272). I’d like to see what he can do with more playing time.

8 — Bengie Molina (34) Giants

Like Napoli at number 7, this Molina brother has value for his HR power as seen in this line (52/20/80/0/.265), but also for his run production on a weak Giants offensive team. He also holds a respectable batting average, too.

7 — A.J. Pierzynski (32) White Sox

A.J.’s value is an above average batting average as all of his other stats are just that…average, but with some pop (57/13/49/1/.300).

6 — Miguel Montero (25) Diamondbacks

Montero made good on his promise due to the unexpected playing time he earned with injuries to the normal D-Backs catcher, Snyder. At just his first year and at age 25 his line of 61/16/59/1/.294 is impressive as players usually grow into their power stroke and to hit .294 in his first look at the major league level is noteworthy to say the least. I expect him to be the number 1 catcher in 2010 and barring injury, should produce a similar numbers.

5 — Jorge Posada (37) Yankees

The old man of this list at 37 years old…wait a minute…that’s not that old! I’m 37. Anyway, where was I, oh yes, Posada had a line of 55/22/81/1/.285 which is why the Yankees will be transferring him to 1B or DH in the coming years where his 20+ HRs, 80+ RBI and average north of .280 will still be of value even to fantasy owners. So with that being said, draft him as a catcher while you still can!

4 — Kurt Suzuki (25) A’s

This was a surprise to me as was Montero although Suzuki has more MLB experience. His run and RBI totals are great for most catchers and his .274 average is nice, too. Again, at only 25, there is room to still grow into a 20+ HR hitter. Here’s his complete line 74/15/88/8/.274, let’s see if he can keep it up in years to come!

3 — Brian McCann (25) Braves

Starting with McCann, these next three were expected. A catcher like McCann with 20+ HR power who can knock in 90+ RBI is a catch for any fantasy owner, especially if that catcher consistently hits over .280. Here is his complete line…63/21/94/4/.281

2 — Victor Martinez (30) Indians/Red Sox and Qualifies at 1B

The only unimpressive stat in this line is his stolen base total and with a line that looks like this…88/23/108/1/.310 who cares?! On top of that, he also qualifies at 1B, but his true value remains a a catcher which is where he plays most of his games anyway. Playing a whole season in Boston over the next few years will make this catcher a much have in all leagues!

1 — Joe Mauer (26) Twins and Qualifies at DH

Joe Mauer
Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

WOW! That just about sums up Mauer’s MVP 2009 season. 2009 saw him find his power stroke with 28 bombs and maintaining an amazing .365 batting average all while being one of the best defensive backstops in all of baseball. Read his line…94/28/96/4/.365 and weep all you who past up on him in this year’s draft.The big question now remains is if he can maintain this power in the years to come.

Honorable Mentions

Miguel Olivo (30) Royals


John Baker (28) Marlins


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