Big News From Day 4 of the Baseball Winter Meetings

Mike Lowell
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The Trades…

It looks as if Boston and Texas have traded 3B Mike Lowell for top prospect C Max Ramirez with Boston eating a lot of Lowell’s contract. Due to the amount of cash considered and the financial state of the Rangers and owner Tom Hicks, MLB commissioner Bud Selig will have to approve this deal before it is really official. Both teams seem to want this to happen! Does this mean that Boston will sign free agent Adrian Beltre or make a trade for another Adrian, gold glove 1B Adrian Gonzalez (who’s also an All Star power hitter and all around nice guy…or so I hear)?

It looks like that Rays have sent RP Jesse Chavez (whom they got in the Akinori Iwamura deal) the Braves for set-up man/closer Rafael Soriano. Nice move for the Rays, but if I were a team in the AL East, I’d be screaming unfair! It doesn’t seem like the Rays had to give up much for such a quality back end pitcher.

The Rangers unloaded SP Kevin Millwood to the Orioles for closer Chris Ray and I think this is a good deal for the Orioles, but a bad move for the Rangers unless it was necessary due to the Lowell deal.

Free Agents…

The Rangers have signed injury prone Rich Harden for one year with an option and incentives on innings pitched. Will the Nolan Ryan theory on pitching help to cure Harden’s injury woes or make them worse…only time will tell!

The Reds have signed Inf/OF Chris Burke to a minor league deal.

The Astros have signed RP Gary Majewski to a minor league deal, too.

The Astros also signed phormer Phillies 3B Pedro Feliz to a one year deal which will rule out a switch to 3B for Miguel Tejada if he is resigned by Houston.

The Pirates signed INF Bobby Crosby to a one year deal as a bench player/spot starter.

The Red Sox have acquired SP Boof Bonser, but I do not know the details as of yet, but I assume it’s for a minor league deal.


The Rockies have given catcher Chris Iannetta a new three year extension, buying out his remaining arbitration years! Sweet move and cheap money as he is only costing them around $8M.

Once again, a much appreciated Hat Tip to Tim Dierkes at MLB Trade Rumors for most of the details along with my ESPN headlines on my iGoogle page! 🙂

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